• Step 1: Select the MP3 file you want to convert and upload it here.
  • Step 2: Wait until the conversion has finished after clicking 'Convert'.
  • Step 3: Download the freshly created MP3 file.

Step 1: Select the MP3 file you want to convert and upload it here.

Step 2: Wait until the conversion has finished after clicking 'Convert'.

Step 3: Download the freshly created MP3 file.


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The OGG Format

This free audio converter for the following conversions between OGG and MP3.

Open Audio format

Ogg was designed with the aim to provide a free alternative to proprietary multi-media formats like the Mp3 format. It provides a efficient way to store and stream multimedia information.

Unlimited free conversions

This OGG to MP3 converter is a completely free online tool with no hidden costs or obligations.

Codecs Supported by OGG

The OGG file format supports the following codecs: Vorbis, Speex, Theora and FLAC.

OGG Adpation

The Ogg format was released in Juli 2002. Meanwhile it turned into a popular format in the IT sector and is supported by many audio hardware and software manufacturers.

Privacy Protection

Your privacy is important for us. All files are removed from our servers immediately after the document conversation is complete, and no one will ever look at your documents either.

The main features of this OGG to MP3 converter:

Have you ever wondered if there is an straight-forward and easy solution to convert ogg to mp3 or do the other way round? Or maybe you have been looking for a easy solution to transfer and play your Vorbis Ogg files with a portable Mp3 player which does not support the Vorbis Ogg format you have found it here. With this little converter you can convert your Vorbis Ogg files from anywhere in the world.

Straight forward audio conversion right away!

This converter is an online converter which means the you can do your conversion without downloading any conversion software. It can be used for bidirectional conversions between Ogg Vorbis and MP3. If you just want to convert a single files this converter is probably the fastest and easiest way to do so. Just submit your files here and after a short moment you will be able to download the converted file. No installation of any audio conversion software is needed. It is intended to produce files which are compatible with all common MP3 players.

Since the Ogg Vorbis format uses various extensions you can submit files with the following extensions:

  • .ogg, .oga
  • .ogx, .spx, .opus
  • .mp3

You also can define a bitrate for the mp3 files which will be produced. The default bitrate is 128 kbps. It is recommended not to use bit rates which are higher than 192 kbps since some MP3 players might have problems to play these files. The Ogg files produced by this converter are subjected to a basic compression. Uncompressed Ogg files will not be produced due to the large filsize. We just tuned our audio conversion server to further enhance the performance of this service. You will feel the power it provides with each conversion you do. Probably the easiest way to convert between OGG and MP3.

Thats what our audio converter can do for you:

  • Fast conversion: The conversion from Ogg to Mp3 takes usually less than a minute
  • Easy to use: Everything can be done with only one click
  • Online conversion: No software has to be downloaded or installed
  • Free: This service is availble 100% free of charge
  • The Ogg format is supported by a wide range of applications and portable audio players
  • MP3 to OGG: This converter converts also MP3 to OGG
  • No registration required: We do not ask you for your email address
  • Adjustable bitrates: The bitrate for your audio file can be freely adjusted.

You can be sure that you found one of the best places to convert ogg to mp3 in the web! New: You can now also convert your ogg audio files to mp3 enjoying our new secured connection with SSL encryption. The use of such connections should be standard in the 21st century thats why we provide it for a better conversion experience. Of course our service remains entirely free of charge as you are used to it.

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